2020 Agenda in Development

The IBW Congress works closely with senior leaders and industry advisors from the wireless eco-system to build a program that addresses challenges and opportunities associated with next generation mobile networks. The 2020 program is currently in development but take a look at the highlights from the 2019 event.

2019 Agenda Highlights Include:

  • In-Building wireless network convergence
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Accelerating densification with network sharing
  • Funding models for in-building wireless that justifies the investment AND delivers ROI
  • Evaluating, modeling and negotiating in-building and campus wireless access and deployment agreements
  • 5G fixed wireless access
  • And more!

2020 Agenda at a Glance

Pre-Conference Workshops | Monday June 15, 2020
Workshop A A Rewind Back In Time: An Evaluation Of Current In-Building Technologies From The Year 2030: Discussing Strategic Plans, Facilitation, Capabilities and Assessing Their Impact
Workshop B CBRS and 5G: Evaluating the Economics, Application and Costs Through Practical Cases to Develop an Optimised Strategy for Your Wireless Access
Congress Day One | Tuesday June 16, 2020
7:30 am Registration and Breakfast in Exhibition Hall
8:30 am Welcome and Opening Remarks from Congress Chair
8:45 am

Panel Discussion

Collaborating for Success: How will 5G, CBRS and Wi-Fi 6 Change the Funding Dynamic For The End User?
CBRS Commercialization
9:30 am

CBRS Status Update: Exploring the First Commercial Deployments and the Potential Costs and Opportunities for You
10:00 am

Building a Business Case for CBRS: Coverage, Capacity, Cost and Opportunities
10:45 am

How Could CBRS Transform or Expand Your Current Wireless Offerings?
11:15 am Networking Break
Overhauling Traditional Antennas for 5G Implementation
12:00 pm

Application in the Real World: Utilizing 5G Technology for High-Performance Wireless Services in Dense Environments
12:30 pm

What Traditional DAS and Small Cell Technologies Need Upgrading to Implement 5G Technology into My Existing Network Structure?
1:00 pm

Rolling Out a Strategic Roadmap to Incorporate 5G into Your Building and Venue
1:30 pm Networking Lunch
Leveraging Wi-Fi 6: The Next Generation Wireless Network Standard
2:30 pm

Wi-Fi 6 Real World Case Studies: What Can and Cannot be Achieved?
3:00 pm

Strategic Considerations for Rollout and Expansion of Wi-Fi 6: What Are the Current Lessons Learned? How to amalgamate both 5G and Wi-Fi 6?
3:30 pm

Developing a Timeline to Secure Investment to Safeguard Wi-Fi 6 Optimization
Recap and Determine Your Next Technology
4:00 pm

Panel Discussion

Evaluating In-Building Technology Cyber Security For CBRS, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 to Enhance Protection for Tenants
4:30 pm

Panel Discussion

What You Know Now is Obsolete: Looking into the Future, What Should Your 5-Year Plan Look Like to implement 5G NR, Wi-Fi 6 and CBRS?
5:15 pm End of Day One
Congress Day Two | Wednesday June 17, 2020
8:45 am Chair Recap of Day One
9:00 am

Panel Discussion

Spending Trends for The In-Building Sector: Economic Update, Forecast and Capital Spending Predictions
The Role of Property Management for In-Building Technology
9:30 am

Fresh Approaches to Optimize Network Deployments to Enhance Capabilities Resulting from Increase Device Usage
10:00 am

What is the Cost/Benefit Analysis for Additional Wireless Coverage and what benefit derive from them?
10:30 am

What Are You Going to Change NOW to Ensure Improved Tenant Experience Through Wireless Capabilities Transformation?
11:00 am Networking Break
Driving A Safer Culture for In-Building Technology
11:30 am

Panel Discussion

Understanding the Latest Fire Code Compliance to Minimize Wireless Dead Zones in Public Buildings
12:00 pm

What Are you Going to Change About Your 510 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System In Your Building?
12:30 pm Networking Lunch
Track Sessions
Adapting to The Future: IOT and Smart City Location Based Services
1:30 pm

Breaking Away from Traditional Thinking: Understanding the Tangible Benefits of IOT Location Based Services: Utilising Real Time Geo Data To Achieve Enhanced Commercialisation Strategies
2:00 pm

What Do I Need to Do to Integrate IOT and Private LTE To Ensure a Seamless Transition into Smart City? LBS in reality: What’s Has Been Achieved? How can LBS Help Me to Achieve Enhanced Efficiency?
2:30 pm Networking Break
3:00 pm

Future Panel
Inbuilding Wireless 2025: Roaming Agreements
“CBRS as The New DAS”
4:00 pm Chair Closing Remarks and End of Congress